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“Ezeeurl is building the world’s best platform for tracking partnerships.”

As one of the first cloud-based tracking platforms to support affiliate marketing, our mission has evolved since our founding in 2023. Today, we support the growth of every performance partnership that marketers and their teams want to manage. In the past, affiliate marketing has expanded and evolved into a larger category called partner marketing. This category includes traditional affiliate marketing, but also includes business development relationships, influencers, content publishers, networks, and many other kinds of partnerships.

“Our approach to partner marketing is different.”

We believe that every business can benefit from better technology to manage marketing partnerships. And we believe this need extends beyond advertisers and affiliate programs. Ad networks, agencies, and publisher businesses are also managing partnerships at scale. Ezeeurl’s partner marketing platform is designed to support the unique needs of these business models and make it easier for each to work with the others. This is why Ezeeurl has never and will never compete with these models. Instead, we strive to open new opportunities for all of our customers to connect, integrate, and customize their partner marketing relationships.


“Ezeeurl is a technology valued company.”


Above everything else in our values and DNA, we are builders. Product and engineering efforts have lead our innovation since the founding of Ezeeurl. We are obsessed with solving today’s problems for our customers, and eager to determine the problems of tomorrow. We do this by listening closely, thinking deeply, and constantly pushing new releases — and ourselves. Our goal is to be the fastest evolving, most flexible, and by far most scalable platform available, and through doing so, empower every one of our customers to find partner marketing success.

Our Values

We strive to embody these ideals in our interactions with each other and in everything we do, from product development and customer-first thinking to personal growth and our impact on the community.



  • Be Excellent to Each Other

    As humans who share common needs, we treat each other with care and respect. We value diversity of people and ideas. We have faith in each other’s ability to succeed and cultivate that potential by inspiring and nurturing growth. We recognize and express sincere gratitude for each other’s contributions.

  • Be Confident and Coachable

    We leverage our strengths, and pursue growth in areas where improvement is needed. When we make mistakes or don’t know something, we are not afraid to be vulnerable and admit it. We continuously pursue knowledge and are happy to share it with others.

  • Start With Why

    Our actions are inspired by our deep understanding of those we serve and support. We explore what is most meaningful to them and why. We earn connection and loyalty by anticipating and delivering what will delight them the most.

  • Embrace 10x Thinking

    We courageously strive for 10x advancements in pursuit of enormous opportunities. We think creatively about the future, navigate ambiguity, and deliver transformative change.

  • Be Relentlessly Resourceful

    We overcome obstacles and find solutions to problems with relentless resourcefulness. We take full advantage of the wealth of information, tools, and expertise available to us.

  • Fail and Advance

    When we strive, we may fail. Failure gives us unparalleled knowledge about ourselves and our subject matter. We face our failures with resilience, using what we learn from failures to advance.

  • Own the Outcome

    We are committed to delivering high-quality work in a timely fashion. When we believe that something should be done, we assertively take action to make it happen. When setbacks or roadblocks threaten our ability to succeed, we dig deep inside ourselves and rise to the occasion.