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kudos for your brand-new affiliate program!

You designed a new product, an offer, and a store after months of researching consumer needs and purchasing patterns. Along with your ideal client, you also selected your main rivals in the market you chose. You’ve developed a strong go-to-market strategy after poring through mountains of data and running the numbers to guarantee long-term success. You believe that everything is in order and that you are prepared to launch.

You want to get customers in the door as soon as possible, just like in a typical brick and mortar store, but where do you look for them? What’s more, how do you advertise that you’re open for business? How can you persuade them to start purchasing from your company? Ezeeurl provides some brief pointers to assist small businesses in learning about the advantages of an affiliate network.

Why Working Hard Is Worth It

To spread the word as rapidly as possible, you’ll need to enlist reputable media partners, regardless of the media outlet or traffic source you use to reach your target audience. It’s crucial for businesses to realize that a successful partnership program on any platform needs affiliate identification, outreach, negotiation, and continuing relationship management. Recruitment is sometimes the toughest difficulty when it comes to launching programs.

Brands should always take full responsibility for their hiring processes and invest a lot of time and energy up front to create (and maintain) the partner pipelines they want. A “set it and forget it” approach will never produce good results, therefore investing in this early will benefit your program’s performance. Try to picture it this way: A gym membership and an affiliate program are similar. No matter how many conveniences a gym has, if you join it but never go in to work out, you won’t get any results. And you cannot put the responsibility for that on the gym, or your platform.

Publishers in the early days of affiliate marketing were tenacious in their search for brands. When it came to choosing where to spend their advertising dollars, advertisers had the final say. Only publishers with top-notch content, enormous volumes, and high traffic-ranking scores were given consideration for program chances. Requests for Proposals (RFPs) were necessary because businesses demanded a complete breakdown of how their advertising money were being used.

The tables have turned, and now it is the publishers who are in charge. Brands are currently in the position of making a pitch. Due to the popularity of social media platforms, publishers have become more picky and are more than willing to pass on possibilities that don’t align with their target audiences’ or content strategies. They prioritize making offers that connect with their audience and encourage long-term engagement over financial gain. 

How to Find Marketing Partners and Affiliates

The Ezeeurl Partnerships Team has compiled a short list of internal and external resources to aid our customers with their hiring efforts:

  1. Ezeeurl Contact

A highly chosen list of media, agency, and technology partners willing to have direct contact with TUNE clients may be found in the Connect marketplace at Tune. Brands operating programs on Ezeeurl may browse and evaluate partner profiles, including verticals, locations, and acceptable payout models, from their private dashboard accounts. Then, with the touch of a button, they can seek a connection directly with the partner of their choice. An automated introduction email will be sent to both parties via the site after a partner has been chosen. It is strongly advised that the customer promptly follow up with specific offer payouts, conversion metrics, audience targets, and approved traffic sources to increase the likelihood of a prompt and reasonable response.

  • Publisher Research

With Ezeeurl Connect, a third-party hiring tool called Publisher Discovery can be employed. Consider it Google for affiliates. It is a fantastic add-on option that provides customers with a greater selection of affiliates for their programs, as well as granular competitor reports, payout specifics, and direct publisher contact information, for a reduced charge. To find out more, download our one-sheet.

  • Agency Solutions

We get that certain businesses encounter obstacles as a result of insufficient platform training, a lack of staff, or time restraints. Programs can increase with assistance from agencies by at least 30% on average. There are more than 40 excellent full-service agency partners at Ezeeurl who are ready and willing to help with program administration, partner recruitment, and strategy. Although prices may differ, we try to match our brands with the

best and most affordable choices.

  • Rakuten Marketing

We are aware that some businesses could need a specialist network integration, such that offered by Rakuten Advertising, with whom we have established a strategic partnership. We are able to provide Ezeeurl customers with a special discount.

Utilize Ezeeurl to Increase Partner Recruitment

The devil is in the details, so it’s wise to keep in mind that follow-up is crucial as a crucial rule of thumb. We advise getting in touch with the introduced direct contact in the email no later than 24 hours. If the publisher indicates a want to continue the dialogue, brands should be prepared to present them with a clear grasp of their program goals. We highly advise against using general phrases and ambiguous wording. The likelihood of getting a response will increase as a result. A one-sheet or overview deck might also be requested by some publishers.

Even if everything is done correctly, once ezeeurl has facilitated an introduction, publisher reactions are not guaranteed. Because of this, our Partnerships Team is available to assist in locating potential roadblocks and facilitating your communication with your newest and most valued affiliates.

Please feel free to contact us at if you have any inquiries about partner recruitment or would want additional details about our resources.

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