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Are you unsure about how to begin affiliate marketing on Ezeeurl? Currently preparing for 2023? In either case, we have the knowledge you require to launch your partner program successfully.

Identification of partners, outreach, negotiation, and continuing relationship management are necessary for every successful partnership. Spending money on this initial attempt will benefit the success of your program.

Your software can be completely customized with Ezeeurl as opposed to being constrained by a strict network’s regulations. Success requires hard work, regardless of whether you use a technological platform or a conventional affiliate network. The four areas we discuss below are crucial for success when you begin affiliate marketing on Ezeeurl (or any platform).

Four Crucial Steps to Launch an Affiliate Marketing Program

1. Partner identification

For your program, there are countless prospective partners. However, not every scheme is suitable for affiliate marketers. Consider your offer, the existing channels that perform the best, and the marketing strategies that you would permit a third party to use to promote your offer.

Using tools like Publisher Discovery, you can then look at the affiliate marketers your rivals are collaborating with.
It’s also crucial to consider publishing organizations, comprehend how they work, and identify which ones may be the finest matches for your offer and financial situation.

Below, we’ve listed our top six partner organizations:

  • Discounts and coupons: conventional affiliates
  • Discounts and coupons: conventional affiliates
  • Loyalty: earned cashback or points
  • Publishers, both big and small, provide content
  • Sub-networks: a collection of all partners under a single roof.
  • Card-linked offers: promotions associated with credit cards
  • Closed user groups: business partners who market to a select, more specialized group that is off-limits to the general public (ex. employee perk sites).

2. Outreach

Due to the continual requests from businesses, your pitch to prospective marketing partners is crucial. How then can you distinguish yours?

  1. Get to the point quickly. Tell them your name, the cause you are supporting, and the amount of compensation you are willing to negotiate with them.
  2. Highlight your headline. You want to grab your audience’s attention, just like with any sales pitch, so let your subject line do the heavy lifting.
  3. Make at least three follow-up calls. Partner sourcing must be approached similarly to a sales funnel. Since the connection is mutual, you shouldn’t anticipate that partners will cooperate with anyone.

3 – Bargaining

There are various methods to stay inside your budget, so when bringing on partners, allow for bargaining. Like you, they can have objectives they wish to accomplish. As a result, it’s customary to haggle about the compensation, whether it be a CPA, lead, upfront fee, or combination of these.

For your offer to partners, consider the choices listed below:

The choices for your proposal to partners are as follows:

  • Commission: the amount you receive, or cost per sale or cost per acquisition
  • Flat fees: a partner receives a set amount up advance.
  • With TM+ rights, you can let certain partners place bids on your trademark.
  • Special offers: You can provide a partner with a sizable discount that no one else has.

4. Managing Ongoing Relationships

A “partnership” is what it is called for a purpose. It requires nurturing, just like any relationship, to be successful over time.

The most effective programs prioritize quality over quantity. Therefore, if you find the correct partners, you will succeed with them most if you test and learn constantly. Ask them how things are going and what is and is not working. Run flash sales to determine what appeals to your audience. Above all, treat your partners as if they were an extension of your company. since they are. There wouldn’t be an affiliate program without partners.

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